WA’S Rock Lobster fishery recertifies for a record fourth time
At an industry meeting in Fremantle today Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly congratulated the Western Rock Lobster industry for achieving MSC recertification for a record fourth time.


Seal of approval for WA's deep sea crab fishers
Fisheries Minister Joe Francis congratulated the state's commercial deep sea crab fisheries for securing MSC certification for the Australian west coast deep sea crab fishery


MSC eco-tick for Mandurah's crab fishery
Fisheries Minister Joe Francis congratulated the Mandurah Licensed Fishermen's Association and Recfishwest in securing MSC certification.



Western Australian commercial fisheries, which play a vital role in supplying seafood to help feed our nation, have all completed pre-assessment against the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) environmental standard for sustainable fishing. The State Government provided $14.5m in funding to give all WA fisheries the opportunity to be assessed by the MSC’s independent 3rd party certification program. A fishery that is MSC certified has passed the world’s most rigorous, scientific standard for sustainability.

WA's Deep Sea Crab fishery is the latest of the State's 47 commercial fisheries to gain MSC certification.  The Peel Harvey Blue Swimmer Crab fishery, in a world first collaboration between recreational and commercial fishers, is also MSC certified. Peel Harvey commercial Sea Mullet has also earned the MSC tick of approval.

Exmouth Gulf Prawn and Shark  Bay Prawn were the first two  WA fisheries to be MSC-certified under the Government's initiative.

Fisheries in MSC full-assessment are:  Pearl Oyster, Western Australian Abalone, Kimberley Trap,  Pilbara Trap and Gascoyne Demersal Scalefish. More fisheries are expected to announce a move to full assessment soon.

In 2000, WA’s Western Rocklobster fishery was the first in the world to gain MSC certification, and this year is undergoing its 4th reassessment.

It is  the long-term vision to have every WA fishery MSC certified within the next two decades.

This important State Government initiative is being rolled out in a partnership between the WA Department of Fisheries, the WA Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC), the peak commercial fishing industry body, Recfishwest, the peak recreational fishing body, and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) is also providing funding support to WAFIC to assist in industry communication and engagement.

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