The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) is a co-funded partnership between its two stakeholders, the Australian Government and the fishing industry.

The FRDC’s role is to plan and invest in fisheries research, development and extension (RD&E) activities in Australia. This includes providing leadership and coordination of the monitoring, evaluating and reporting on RD&E activities, facilitating dissemination, extension and commercialisation. The FRDC achieves this through coordinating government and industry investment, including stakeholders to establish and address RD&E priorities. In addition the FRDC monitors and evaluates the adoption of RD&E to inform future decisions.

The FRDC has a significant responsibility in ensuring, on behalf of the Australian Government, that research is undertaken to assist in the management of the fisheries and aquaculture resource for ongoing sustainability. This means that a significant proportion of funding is directed at research that has a benefit for the three sectors of the fishing industry: commercial (wild catch and aquaculture), recreational and indigenous and also delivers a public good benefit to the Australian community.

FRDC Investment in WA Fisheries

Each year, the FRDC provides significant research investment in WA Fisheries to support the development of commercial, recreational and indigenous fishing. It is supporting WA’s MSC Plan by providing funding support for WAFIC to assist in industry communication and engagement, trial a range of chain of custody methodologies and to facilitate equivalence with other environmental performance reporting requirements.

The FRDC has also provided the WA Department of Fisheries with funding to research improving efficiency in generating submissions and consistency of outcomes for MSC based assessments. The objectives of this research is to increase the efficiency of generating submissions for MSC assessments and to minimise the likelihood of unnecessary conditions being imposed during MSC assessments.