On 25 October, 2015:

 Exmouth Gulf Prawn and Shark Bay Prawn became the first two fisheries under the Government's $14.5 MSC initiative to become MSC-certified.

June 2015

MSC pre-Assessment of WA commercial fisheries is complete in the four bio-regions - North, Gascoyne, West and South. The three all State fisheries - Specimen Shell, Marine Aquarium and Hermit Crab - are in the process of MSC pre-assessment.

28 August 2015 at Shinju Matsuri Festival in Broome:

 29 March 2015 at the WA Fishing Industry Council Fremantle Seafood Festival:

 14 March 2015 at the Mandurah Crabfest:

  • In a world first collaboration, that the Mandurah commercial and recreational fishermen had chosen to move Mandurah's iconic Blue swimmer crab fishery to MSC full assessment.
  • The Mandurah Lisenced Fishermen's Association had also chosen to move the commercial Sea mullet fishery to  MSC full assessment.
  • Track the progress of the two assessments on the MSC website , and find out how you can be come involved in the process.

7 August 2014:

  • The MG Kailis Group had chosen to move the Exmouth Gulf Prawn fishery to MSC full assessment. Track the fishery.
  • The 7 operators in the Shark Bay Prawn fishery had chosen to move to MSC full assessement. Track the fishery

In March 2000, The Western rocklobster fishery was the first  MSC certified fishery in the world. Track the fishery

View the video produced by the MSC to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the lobster fishery, which is thriving and continues to manage its stocks sustainably.