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WA Fisheries Minister: Crystal Crab to MSC Full Asscessment

29 March 2015

Another Western Australian fishery is seeking a world-class sustainability tick for the bounty of the deep, Crystal crabs.



Media Release: WA Fisheries Minister, Ken Baston, announces Deep Sea Crab Fishery's move to MSC full assessment


WA Fisheries Minister Ken Baston (centre) announced that the Deep Sea Crab Fishery would seek MSC full assessment for the Crystal Crab at this year's Fremantle Seafood Festival along with WA Food Ambassador and Chef Don Hancey and West Coast Deep Sea Crab producer Morgan Hand from Chaceon.


ABC News

Chefs Bart Beek and Don Hancey cooking up a Crystal Crab, the other lucky crab is looking on!


Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt,  WA Food Ambassador, Don Hancey, Fish Monger to the stars,Josh Catalano and Incontro's Peter Manifis at the Fremantle Sardine Festival and showing off the new brochure to promote WA's MSC plan for fisheries.

Brochure: Choose MSC certified seafood in WA (4.99 Mb)


Track the progress of the Deep Sea Crab Fishery MSC Assessment



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