Western Australia's MSC Plan for fisheries


December 2014



The 2014 Summer edition of Scoop magazine features the story of the return of the halcyon days for WA's lobster industry and includes tips on how to cook your MSC certified lobster for Xmas and New Year! You can read the feature in the news section of  WA's MSC plan for WA fisheries website.

The MSC pre-assessment for all WA will be completed early in the New Year.

The independent certifiying body has conducted site tours to the Exmouth Gulf  and Shark Bay prawn fisheries  in early November.They now score the results against the MSC Standard and will produce a draft report for discussion with the fisheries. You can track the progress of the Exmouth Gulf prawn fishery and the Shark Bay prawn fishery on the MSC website.

The names of more WA fisheries entering the MSC program under the State Government's $14.5m initiative, will be announced in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!




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